Thomas Beach for State House

A Father, A Soldier, and a Conservative Fighter

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Thomas Beach

Meet Thomas Beach

Thomas served for four years of active duty as an airborne infantryman, including service with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, and the 25th Infantry Division.

Thomas and his wife Glair reside in Piedmont with their three children. He is a licensed realtor. The Beach family attend Mt. Pisqah Baptist Church in Easley. 

Thomas is a born-again Christian, a committed conservative, and dedicated to fighting for the rights of his fellow citizens and a better future for his children. 

On The Issues

I am a principled constitutional conservative. I will base all of my legislative activity on the enumerated rights laid out in the Declaration and the Constitution.

I support:

  • Protecting our children from CRT and sexual propaganda in our schools
  • Protecting the Right to Life and the 2nd Amendment
  • Cutting taxes and reining in wasteful government spending, like the failed $115 million boondoggle handout to the liberal multi-millionaire owners of the Carolina Panthers