Beach Family

A Father, A Soldier, and a Conservative Fighter

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Thomas Beach

Meet Thomas Beach

Thomas served for four years of active duty as an airborne infantryman, including service with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, and the 25th Infantry Division.

Thomas and his wife Glair reside in Piedmont with their three children. He is a licensed realtor. The Beach family attend Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Easley. 

Thomas is a born-again Christian, a committed conservative, and dedicated to fighting for the rights of his fellow citizens and a better future for his children. 

On The Issues

I am a principled constitutional conservative. I have and will continue to base all of my legislative activity on the enumerated rights laid out in the Declaration and the Constitution.


This is clearly the defining issue facing America today. Unfortunately, the federal government has abdicated its responsibility to protect the American republic from invasion, and acts explicitly to limit the power of the states to step in and protect their citizens. As a legislator I stopped illegal immigrants from getting professional licensing. South Carolina jobs should go first to legal residents.

I have co-sponsored legislation on the issue of illegal immigration, specifically:

4657 – E-verify verification (with SLED, AG, a Solicitor, and SCDEW)

4668 – Circuit court bond hearing for illegal aliens charged with a crime that carries a max of 3 or more years must go before a circuit court for bond hearing. Currently, bond is set with magistrates who do not know if the person charged with a crime is an illegal alien or not. This moves it from magistrate court to circuit court where the judge will have that information by time of bond hearing.

4676 – Greater penalties for illegal aliens who drive without a license. Currently, illegals are stopped by law enforcement when driving without a license; however it’s difficult for law enforcement to know if a person is illegal or not.

4677 – Maddie’s Law – a bill to increase penalties for reckless vehicular homicide from 10 year max to 15 year max and adds GBI (great bodily injury) to criminal penalties with a 7 year max penalty.

4678 – Invalidates illegal alien licenses. Some states issue temporary or undocumented licenses for illegal aliens. Currently, law enforcement can’t issue citation for these. This change would invalidate those types of licenses.

4688 – Hospital data regarding illegal aliens submitted to DHEC; DHEC submits annual report to the General Assembly. This allows us to quantify cost of illegal medical care and see how many illegals are currently receiving medical care in SC.

4693 – Calls on the federal government to secure the border.

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars and Fighting for Transparency 

I have fought every instance of government corruption, corporatism, and crony capitalism in my time in the State Legislature tooth and nail. But rather than simply saying no to the proposed, and totally unnacceptable, state budgetary legislation, I fought hard to amend them with better legislation. Unfortunately, we still do not have the numbers to block the status quo in Columbia, but we are working hard to change that and the tide is turning.

In particular, I worked hard in opposing the Scout Motors/Volkwagen taxpayer funded handout of $400 million dollars. We simply should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, or of forcing small businesses in SC to fund handouts to their out-of-state Big Business competitors. It’s wrong, and I am unapologetic in these efforts.
I will continue to fight for less waste and greater transparency in the state budget and every aspect of state government. Ultimately, I believe you should get to keep more of the money you pay in taxes, and that government owes you total accountability in how it spends your money. I don’t believe that government knows best. I believe that the people I represent know best.

Protecting Life and Protecting Innocence

When I first ran for office, I was inspired by what I saw as a great danger being posed to kids in our public schools by both political and sexual indoctrination. I believe we have made great strides in exposing and combating what is being done by the bad apples in our schools, but I believe that when it comes to the safety of our children, we must be constantly vigilant. I am totally unapologetic and proud that I voted for the total ban on doctor-assisted genital mutilation of minors in South Carolina, and the criminalization of any such procedures.

I am 100% pro-life, from conception until natural death. I supported the heartbeat bill as our best chance at saving the most lives possible here in South Carolina.

2nd Amendment

I ran on passing Constitutional Carry, and we finally did it. South Carolina was the last red state in the country to pass Constitutional Carry legislation, and I say better late than never.

Read more about my efforts to pass Constitutional Carry from Palmetto Gun Rights: